Welcome to the Cone Clinic!

Are you new to autocross and looking to get faster? Have you plateaued and not sure what’s holding you back? Join us and let us help you!!!

We are at the FLR Test and Tunes at Seneca Army Depot. These events give us a lot of flexibility to work on specific drills to help bring you up to speed.

I can also supply my SoloStorm setup in order to get data based feedback between runs, and work with you to better understand how to leverage the data to find places to improve.

FLR TNT 105/06/2023http://msreg.com/2023flrtnt1
FLR TNT 205/20/2023http://msreg.com/2023flrtnt2
FLR Novice School06/02/2023http://msreg.com/2023flrnoviceschool
FLR TNT 407/15/2023http://msreg.com/2023flrtnt4
FLR TNT 508/12/2023http://msreg.com/2023flrtnt5
FLR TNT 608/26/2023http://msreg.com/2023flrtnt6
FLR TNT 710/07/2023http://msreg.com/2023flrtnt7
FLR TNT 810/21/2023http://msreg.com/2023flrtnt8