Rules / Supps

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Acceptable Helmet Certifications:

Annual Member Waiver:

Minor Waiver (MUST be printed in color):

2022 Supps:

CLASSING NOTE: We reserve the right to combine under subscribed classes for scoring, or split over subscribed groups for the purpose of event operations.

For scoring, any group with less than 3 entries will get bumped in a larger class. Street Prepared > Street Mod > Modified/Prepared. CAM / SSC > Street Touring.

For run group purposes, Street would be split into S1 (SS, AS, BS, CS, ES, FS) and S2 (DS, GS, HS), but still scored as a single Street class.

If any group of competitors want to be split into their own class, you must have at least 3 competitors at each event to be eligible for a season championship. Please contact me for details.