Potential Site Status List

This is a list of potential sites in the WNY SCCA Region (Erie, Niagara, Cattaraugus, and Chautauqua counties), and their current status. If you do not see a site listed here, please suggest it on our Facebook group, or via the feedback submission on the site.

NOTE: The site needs to be large enough for a course, paddock and grid areas. The surface must be in good repair. We need access on the evening prior to the event for course set up. The site needs to be closed to non-event traffic, so it cannot be in use for other purposes.

If you locate and assist in securing a usable site, you will race there for free.


  • Batavia Gokart Track – It’s a possibility, but we will need to investigate to see if we can get a sanction, due to ongoing safety concerns.
  • SUNY Buffalo (Amherst Campus) – our last event was forced to run in Hochstetter, and there wasn’t enough room for paddock, grid and a course. We were not permitted to use any other lot. Is there another lot that could be worthwhile?
  • Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station – We have made contact. We haven’t received a “no” yet, so it’s a work in progress.
  • Hamburg Fairgrounds – Seems like there is enough room and the pavement looks good. Just not sure if they would even be interested since they are open during events.
  • ADESA Buffalo – Size is awesome, but rumor is that its almost always packed with cars on the weekends for auction. Do you know someone there that would talk to us?

Definite “No’s”

  • Highmark Stadium (Buffalo Bills) – not booking for 2024 due to new stadium construction.
  • ECCN – Can’t shut down Tech Drive, so not enough room for a safety barrier during an event.
  • ECCS – Last time we ran there, the transition between lots was….unsafe.
  • NCCC – Between the building of dorms on site, and unhappy neighbors, we are no longer on good standing.
  • Lancaster Speedway – National will not sanction an event there anymore.
  • Summit Park Mall – surface is unusable.
  • Big Indian Drift Pit – It’s WAY too small to be useful, let alone get an insurance sanction for.
  • SUNY Buffalo (South Campus) – Not nearly enough space to safely hold an event. The only lot remotely large enough is the Park & Ride lot, which doesn’t technically belong to the university, and always has cars in it. Added bonus – spectator control would be a nightmare.