Member Annual Waiver

Updated – 8/2022

Go to the Member Account Portal’s Online Store – Licenses to add your Annual Waiver, and heads up…be prepared with a selfie photo of yourself saved to your desktop or mobile device – this photo is part of the audit trail.

I’ve attached two documents here to assist with communication.  The document for Parents will be distributed after December 1 to the heads of household on family memberships as well as minors that have a 2022 Annual Waiver. 

Please understand that each step in the process is intentional and required to help us fulfill the requirements of the UETA and ESign Act as well as fulfill our risk management obligations.  A couple of potential “pushback” items and the “why” to hopefully shed some light:

  1. Why do I have to login with an SCCA member account?  We need to tie the document/audit trail to a unique individual record.  Our path for this is a guest account or member account with a unique SCCA Member Id.
  2. Why do I have to upload a photo if I already have a photo on my membership account?  It is a second layer of user authentication required by our insurance provider. 
  3. Our process is compliant with UETA and the ESIGN ACT.  In order to be compliant, we have to demonstrate the following:
  1. Signer shows Intent to sign.  This is demonstrated through MAP Online store purchase.
  2. Signer provides Consent to do business electronically.  This is demonstrated through the checkbox consents.
  3. Association of Signature with record.  This is demonstrated through tying the completed waiver to an account.
  4. Record retention/retrieval for all parties.  This is demonstrated through individual’s ability to retrieve their document via the MAP login.
  1. Can I get a paper waiver?  We will make special exceptions and provide a paper waiver to a member on demand.  We will not be providing them in bulk to region leaders.  We ask that members be directed to get the waiver digitally. 
  2. Is the waiver “active” as soon as I complete it?  No.  We are required to a review of each one before making them active.  Part of that process is verifying that the photo provided is of the individual and if we don’t have anything to compare to, it will be approved IF the face is visible and easily identifiable.  Minor Waivers have additional components to connect including parental consent and the minors assumption of risk.
  3. Why do I have to checkout?  The checkout process creates the license record in your account and demonstrates intent.
  4. Why do I have to add my credit card information?  You don’t!  If the transaction total is $0, simply press the checkout button – no need to enter any payment information!