You are probably here because you’ve either heard the term “PAX” and thought, “what in the world does that mean??”, or you can’t figure out why a car with a slower time is beating you.

Official PAX Values:

You can think of PAX like a handicap in golf. It’s intended as a way to compare cars from different classes to each other by normalizing results from national events. It’s not perfect, as it can be very dependent on things like course design, surface, and weather.

In our region, we group classes together in an attempt to improve the competition. For example, SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, and FS are grouped together in “S1”. However, it’s not exactly fair for a 911 GT3 to be pit directly against a Civic Type R. Using the PAX system, the cars are equalized a bit.

So when you see on the results that an SSR Corvette ran a 40.000 run, but their score is a 33.720, that’s because their PAX of .843 is multiplied by the raw time to get the “PAX Time”.

Currently, the WNY Novice Classes do NOT use PAX in an effort to keep things simple for new competitors.