January 2021 Minutes

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The January 2021 meeting of the WNY Region SCCA was called to order by David at 7:43 pm on January 4, 2021. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the meeting was held virtually via Zoom Meeting.

Minutes: A motion to accept the minutes from the November meeting was submitted by Jon and seconded by Carrie.  The motion was passed by acclamation.

Treasurer: The treasurer claimed that we had money.

Membership: 230 members.

Club Racing: No report.

Ice Racing: In 6 days, or maybe 13, definitely in 20 days, 27 days at the absolute most.  5” of the 12” required ice reported on 12/30.  Chazy Lake added to schedule (“new” old lake further north) http://icerace.com/schedule/

Solo: Will make inquiries to the stadium on dates.  FLR has announced tour date; June 18-20.

NEDIV: Convention is being held online for interested parties.

New Business: New Loaner helmets.

Old Business: None submitted.

Announcements: None.

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn the meeting was submitted at 7:47 pm by Jon and seconded by Jeremy.  The motion was passed by acclamation.